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Our staff has put together a comprehensive list of coaches we know can get a softball athlete to the next level

Our quest in identifying these coaches is to be able to list coaches that:

  1. Can do private lessons
  2. Have been trained or continue on going education
  3. Has credentials of success in working with athletes
  4. Has a personality that lends itself to athletes leaving a lesson and this 'athlete' feeling good about herself and the lesson
  5. Has been known to squeeze out every bit of talent out of an athlete
  6. Is not complacent in instruction and always challenging that there's still more to develop

The reason we're doing this?

We are consistently asked, "Do you know someone that really knows how to teach ( pitching, hitting, catching, slapping, fielding, and increase arm strength)? With all the questions we thought we're going to the street to be sure that we can recommend top tier coaches that are REAL instructors. Though we love home trained coaches, we are trying to get our premier athletes to the right folks for injury prevention and correct technique to get them to a level that home grown coaches normally cannot get them too.

We see far too many athletes taught by a local in which their development is fine but so much more can happen if:

  1. The home grown local coach knew that the girl/student had now surpassed his/her ability to get them to the next level (we find rarely will a local coach simply say "I can't take her any further").
  2. The athlete had a resource that would be able to connect with to get to that next level

This in no way discounts the hard work of a lot of us that were/are home coaches gleaning every piece of information to become knowledgeable. Though we love those that dig in, at the same time...There's a wealth of knowledge that will take nearly every athlete reading this to a level that no local coach can get them to.

On a side note, I have known home grown coaches grow up, attend seminars, learn from the higher ups, and be a commanding force in the world of fastpitch. It can happen...Though very rarely does a home grown/local coach get outside-ongoing education or banks off someone more knowledgeable on a consistent basis to improve their teaching or stay up on newly found information.

Anyhow, of course we know many that teach...and surly we don't know them all. However, if you're reading this and know of a coach in your area that meets the criteria above, please give me their name, email, and phone if you can - at least email...and I will get in touch with them. Simply put we are looking for committed and knowledgeable teachers that can and will do private lessons for others, that happen to be informed and will continue to be informed.

Name & Region Specialty Contact Info
Comfort, Alanna
Central & Southern Ohio
Pitching, Hitting,
Slapping, & Defense
Phone: 740.319.1727
Cunningham, Cassie
(current D3 coach)
Central Ohio
Slapper, Dragger, Left instruction
Czelusniak, Paul
Bay Area, California
Hitting, Catching & Fielding Phone: 925.206.5408
Eickemeyer, Jodi
(former D1 coach)
Dayton, Ohio
Pitching, Hitting, Catching
Gaddis, Monte
East Central Indiana
Defense, Slapping & Bunting Phone: 765.748.8817
Gordon, JoAnn
(former D1 coach)
Toledo, Ohio & SE Michigan
Catching, Hitting
Hudson, Courtney
Northern Alabama
Pitching, Hitting Phone: 828.775.5973 (prefers a text)
Kulick, Jennifer
Western Pennsylvania
Speed, Pitching, Hitting
Leffew, Amie
Cleveland / Akron, Ohio
Moziejko, Randy
Central Ohio

Pitching, Hitting, Slapping Phone: 614.517.6719

Ritter, Jennie
(Pitcher on the University of Michigan's NCAA Championship Team)
Central Florida, Jacksonville Area

(prefer text due to large number of calls)
Schimmel, Lori
(current D3 coach)
Wooster / Akron / Canton, Ohio
Pitching, Hitting

Tamanini, Mark
Orlando/Central Florida

Hitting, Catching, Fielding
Thomas, Steve
Central Ohio